Mold (fungi) spores are present just about all over – inside and outdoors. The exposure to mildew and also the bacteria that may live with it has been connected to varied health issues like cough, congestion, eye or sinus irritation, rashes, headaches, and also the aggravation of asthma attack, relying upon the exposure amount and a person’s individual vulnerability.

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Three Things Are Required For Mold Growth

  • Air
  • Food sources that include wood, drywall, or dust
  • Moisture

When you take away anyone facet of the “Mold Triangle”, it cannot grow. Consistent housework and maintenance can manage the mold growth, however once mold gets out of hand, remediation is critical to a safe removal of the contamination. Conditions may vary the results of studies to make a determination of thermal death points. To account for the complications of practical use, the technicians at Rest Easy Mold Control specify temperatures and durations that exceed those recorded within the lab. For Mold and different microbes, our professional needs the temperatures throughout the area of treatment to reach and maintain 150 degrees for a minimum of 2 hours. Our technicians may vary temperatures and times dependant on the amount of contamination, complexness of the structure or other in field factors.

There May Be More Than Mold

If you believe you have a problem with mold, there are four things that require removal in order to restore healthy indoor air quality:

  • Moisture or Water Intrusion. Most mold growth is caused by abnormally high levels of indoor moisture.
  • Mold Growth. The physical removal of any accessible colonies, and therefore the killing of inaccessible mold and spores are necessary to completely remediate the area.
  • Bacterial Contamination. Bacteria are usually found living on wet building materials beside mold and need to be eliminated.
  • Insect Infestations. Some Mold spores will hold close to insects as they travel through mold growth. Insects thrive in damp areas and can cause mold spreading inside a building.

What To Do First

The First course of Action, Call Rest Easy Mold Control at 732-762-1887 or Contact Us Here.

  • Have mold testing done by an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP). A professional consultant may save you thousands of dollars and unnecessary work. Your report should indicate the water source intrusion, verify the extent and type of contamination, and describe the remediation work needed.
  • Stop the intrusion of moisture and wetness. Follow your consultant’s recommendations to get rid of the source of moisture. This must be done or the mold may return.
  • Use a Heat Process to disinfect your building. Traditional mold remediation might not kill bacteria and insects. The Rest Easy Mold Control Process, a more advanced and thorough technique of remediation.

Our Heat Treatment Process

  • Even in inaccessible cracks and voids, Kills Mold
  • Kills Bacteria that may be dangerous to your health
  • Kills mold spreading insects.
  • Helps dry out any affected areas
  • Reduces Odors.

Our biggest concern is your health and safety. The Rest Easy Mold Control process is an effective tool for improving the quality of air that you breathe!

First, to safeguard your building from cross contamination, a plastic containment barrier is put up to confine the mold spores. These spores can become airborne once disturbed throughout cleansing. A vacuum is made using HEPA filtered negative air machines to eliminate departing leaks within the containment and capture any airborne contamination.

The accessible mold contamination is physically removed. Broken and weakened building materials are removed as other surfaces are given a through cleaning. Our technicians wear personal protection equipment during the work process. The clean up of Mold is nothing to undertake on your own.