Structures are full of many odors. Among the difficulties with understanding odors is that everybody perceives them in a different way. Everyone has a unique sense of smell, and smell perception varies from person to person. Airborne chemical particles being inhaled or breathed into our noses will stimulate our odor receptors.

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How Harmful Are Odors?

Not all odors are harmful, some simply smell terrible. Some odors found within the home are simply nuisance smells, however several could be harmful. There are also many pleasant odors, like flowers or perfumes. However, even pleasant odors can be harmful. There are many of us that are sensitive to fragrance smells.

Depending on the Frequency, period and the concentration of the odor, health effects from odors can vary. Usual common symptoms or complaints are eye, nose, and throat irritation in addition to headache, nausea, hoarseness, soreness of the throat, cough, chest tightness, nasal congestion, palpitations, shortness of breath, drowsiness, and mood changes. Most of those symptoms can dissipate once the exposure ends, however some could have longer impacts.

Some odors could trigger or complicate different sicknesses, like asthma and other diseases that affect the respiratory system, hypersensitivity, and sickness that is caused by stress. In these cases the health effects could also be longer lasting and significant.

One or more volatized chemical compounds causes an odor. Odors can be vapor released or connected to particulate in aerosol. The odor is perceived by a person’s sense of olfaction through inhalation, or breathing . Odors inside a Household have the possibility of coming from several sources. These sources include humans, chemicals, building materials, animals, dirt, smoke, sewage, mold, etc. Water damge to structures may also cause some dangerous odors. One particular and potentially harmful odor is the Musty Mildew smell of mold. Water loss that has caused bacteria may also be a cause of of building odors.

How Do You Eliminate Odors?

There are three simple and basic steps used to get rid of odors.

  • Mask the odor with a more pleasant odor.
  • Change the odor by changing the chemical to something that will not produce an odor.
  • Eliminate the odor source. Use heat to remove the Odors. Rest Easy Mold Control uses a Odor Removing Heat Process to kill the living source of the odor, in may cases Mold or Bacteria, or by off-gassing the chemical causing the odor. When an odor is a chemical in a building material, such as formaldehyde, Accelerated off-gassing is used. While the process of Off-gassing may not totally get rid of the odor source, it will make the levels non-perceptive.